Director : Nemanja Cipranić

Screenplay: Sara Radojković

Cast: Ljubomir Bulajić, Milena Živanović, Danica Maksimović, Svetozar Svetković, Goran Radaković, Marija Vicković, Jelisaveta Orašanin

Genre: drama

Start in Serbia: 15.10.2015.

Duration: 93 min



In the life of main character Todor, who lives modestly with his mother, suddenly enters Visnja pregnant girl who desperately needs his help and protection. Their relation becomes a love with additional problems when Todor decides to reconnect with his wealthy and powerful father who abounded him and his mother while Todor was still a child. As plot goes further questions are being asked who are the villains and who are the heroes if there are any of them.