Writen and directed by: Miloslav Samardžić

Cast: Borko Brajević, Saša Stanković, Stefan Jocić, Nikola Drmocić, Aleksandar Jelenić, Predrag Jovanović, Mina Stojković, Đorđe Đoković, Nenad Petrović, Miroslav Huđec, Nikola Bijanić

Genre: war

Duration: 90 min




Serbia, autumn 1942. Numerous SS units are searching the area in search of Chetniks. Chetniks apply guerrilla tactics: They break up into smaller formations and go deeper into the mountains. However, with the help of one traitor, a detachment of 200 SS men finds out where Lieutenant Nikola Kalabić, the commander of the Mountain Royal Guard, is, along with three other Chetniks. The chase starts and the Chetniks are surrounded.

Nedic's Special Police are taking part of Kalabic's family to the camp, while his 12-year-old son, as well as his wife, are fleeing.

Will Kalabic's reinforcements arrive on time? Is there a way out when 200 soldiers surround the four of them? How to maintain sobriety in such a situation?