Three many weddings

Three many weddings

Director: Javier Ruiz Caledra

Screenplay: Pablo Alen, Breixo Corral

Cast: Inma Cuesta, Martin Rivas, Quim Gutierrez, Maria Botto, Rossy De Palma, Berto Romero, Paco Leon, Laura Sanches

Genre: comedy

Start: 14.02.2014.

Duration: 96 min

Distribution: Dexin film



Is there anything worse than to be invited to the wedding of an ex-boyfriend ? Of course there is - to be invited to such three weddings a month , you do not know how to reject calls, and that the only person who agrees to this wedding starring boyfriend your new assistant at work.

- When I read the script for " would-be bride " endlessly I fell in love with the main character . Ruth was a charming girl of about thirty years of age who lose control after a few drinks and not sure how to call a guy around who woke up the next morning ... It sounds like - just the perfect girl . Just such goes to all the weddings of former " dude " , where it must prove to everyone that she was not alone and bitter it is the perfect situation for comedy - says director Javier Ruiz Kaledra.

Best Spanish movie in 2013.

Festivals and awards from 18 nominations for the Goya awards in seven categories in the final selection, second prize at the festival of nights in Tallinn , Venice Film Festival (Venice Days , the closing ceremony)
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