Director: Klim Shipenko

Roles interpreted by: Milos Bikovic, Ivan Ohlobistin, Maria Mironova, Alexander Samojlenko, Alexandra Bortich, Olga Dibceva

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 109 min




Born into a wealthy family, the young Gregory, "Grisha" (Milos Bikovic) is so enamored with his leisurely life that he thinks he is "above the law." When he goes too far in his outbursts and faces imprisonment, his father takes radical action.

With the help of an old psychologist friend, the father devises a plan to rehabilitate his disobedient son. Grisha falls into a cut-off traffic accident, and when he comes to himself, he will be 1860, and he will find himself on a large rural estate, like an ordinary servant with no ties and without the sense of life he lived up to then.

The people surrounding him on the property are also servants and have never heard of say - cell phones. Gresha goes the hard way from a spoiled rich man to a man who appreciates the small pleasures of life and hard work, who learns the good sides of true friendship and, of course, love.