Detective Chirp

Detective Chirp

Duration of the film: 85 min

Launch in cinemas: September 2023.

Distribution: Delius film




In a fairy-tale town located between a lake and a forest, Honey hill, residents are preparing for their favorite holiday - City Day. On that day, all citizens of Honey Hill have the opportunity to admire the unique Golden Beehive, the protector of the city. According to legend, it was found by the founders of Honey Valley, and legend says that thousands of misfortunes will befall the city if the Hive disappears. On the eve of the holidays, the Beehive has been stolen! All the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Golden Hive indicate that the squirrel Tvrlet, the assistant of the famous detective owl Sofia. Our detectives will unravel the whole case, find the real thief and restore not only the Golden Hive, but also peace to the valley.